High-quality technical translations

According to the new ISO standard 17100

Prices and delivery deadlines

Line calculation is carried out in all European languages electronically using the special Textcount program. A standard line contains 50 characters incl. spaces and punctuation. The Textcount program is the only program that counts characters reliably and reproducibly. Microsoft Word counts are inaccurate and therefore not used.




Text category 1: simple technical texts

CHF 2.30/standard line

  • General texts for internal purposes
  • Instruction manuals
  • Assembly instruction
  • Operating instructions, directions for use, etc.
  • Spare parts lists
  • General descriptions, reports and minutes

Text category 2: Image and advertising texts, difficult specialist texts of all kinds, advertising copy

CHF 2.60/standard line

  • Brochures, prospectuses
  • Company reports
  • Advertisements
  • PR texts
  • References, job descriptions
  • Marketing and sales promotion texts
  • Difficult specialist texts of all kinds, from all fields

Text category 3: Legal texts

CHF 2.80/standard line

  • Contracts, statutes


Russian, Turkish, Chinese: additional charge of CHF 0.40/line

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