High-quality technical translations

According to the new ISO standard 17100

Fortuna Übersetzungen was founded in 1992 and has since then been offering top quality, professional translations in the technical sectors of capital and consumer goods. All the translators and proof-readers at Fortuna Übersetzungen have university degrees and solid technical specialist knowledge, and work exclusively in their native languages. Their professional capabilities and high degree of language sensitivity ensure that the texts in the original language are rendered ideally in the target language.


Compiling translations which correspond perfectly to the original in both language and content is our Creed.


We thank you for your interest – if it’s about languages, we are at your service. I would welcome a discussion with you in person. Test us, we look forward to it.


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Stefano Fortuna



The graduate translator and his work


Graduate translators study for just as long as, for instance, lawyers or engineers. It is not just a matter of knowing one’s own language in all its facets and studying one or several foreign languages, it is also a question of mastering the art of translating. And translation into another language requires also profound knowledge of the culture and the history of the relevant country or language area. Language is namely the only tool of mankind which allows us to think. A thought can only be voiced in language. Just try to think without using language, and you will see it is impossible. You can feel, you can have instincts, but it is impossible to formulate a thought without language. People around the world speak different languages, and their cultures and thought patterns are as different as the languages themselves. Climatic conditions also play a major role in the development of human beings and their languages. The languages of people from northern countries, as an example and a curiosity, consist of more consonants so that, when speaking in the icy cold, these people do not need to open their mouths too far. People of Southern European origin often speak languages containing a greater percentage of vowels and they thus speak more loudly and more passionately. In certain African countries (a further curiosity), the languages do not contain any words for the different colours, and these people only have words for light, medium and dark. Green, red, blue or brown do not exist for these ethnic groups. The written form of the language is thus also affected by the relevant culture group. Trained translators are familiar with all the nuances of their culture groups in both the original and the targeted language and are capable of adapting your text in such a way that it will be one hundred per cent understood by the target group you have designated. Therefore, using trained translators (Master) with additional studies in the technical field has to be the dominant quality criterion when awarding a translation assignment, as the resulting image and contract loss as a result of incorrect or inexact translations can be very costly for a company. Using professional graduate translators will prevent this. They will accompany you at every turn and help you to achieve your goals in a global market as fast and as efficiently as possible. Translation is and will remain an intellectual activity that is carried out by human translators. Modern CAT tools assist in this activity and often make it possible to achieve significant savings in costs.


Quality, competence, consistency and promptness: all vital factors for us. Every language is alive, and many change almost daily. The professional, qualified translators and proof-readers at Fortuna Übersetzungen, all working in their mother tongue, usually live in the country of the target language. Those who live in Switzerland maintain active contact with the relevant country, thus ensuring appropriate use of the latest expressions and terms. Fortuna Übersetzungen guarantees first-class quality: We work strictly in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard



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